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As wood dries, it shrinks, causing it to crack and split. So if you find a beautiful piece of green wood that you’d like to work, you need a way to keep the piece from tearing itself apart as it dries. Pentacryl is a quick drying and non-toxic liquid which can be applied to green wood to stabilize it.

Pentacryl won’t discolor the wood and most stains and glues will work after it’s dry. Once it’s applied by brushing, spraying, or soaking, siliconized polymers reinforce the cells in the wood so they keep their shape as they dry. It can even reduce drying time compared to wax coating methods.

You can buy Pentacryl by the quart, gallon, five-gallon, or drum. A quart will cost you about $20 while a 55 gallon drum runs $1500. If you want to prevent dry wood from further cracking, you can try out their Wood Juice product.

Pentacryl [Preservative Solutions]
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3 Responses to Stop Green Wood From Tearing Itself Apart

  1. aaron says:

    how does this compare with more conventional treatment with PEG?

  2. Shopmonger says:

    I use wax for the end fo boards, just plain old candles, when teh wife is done, thronw them in a pot, when you need some, heat it up (burner or torch) and dip the ends into teh pot……wholla!!!!!!!!!!!!! instant fix…


  3. Gary says:

    I prefer Anchor Seal. Cheaper and works better, IMO. It’s basically a wax emulsion.

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