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As a volunteer with the local county’s CERT*, I’m always on the lookout for safety items and search-and-rescue tools that can help in emergencies — plus it gives me an excuse to look at and buy stuff for my truck. This Rugged Ridge kit is aimed at the 4×4 crowd, but it could also be useful to the less off-road user. The kit contains a 2″×30′ 20,000 lb. recovery strap, a 3″×6′ 30,000 lb. tree trunk protector strap, a 20,000 lb. snatch block pulley, two heavy-duty 9,500 lb. D-rings, a winch line damper, a pair of leather gloves, and a storage bag. It’s available online for as low as $70.

Couple this kit with a 4.75-ton-weight-rating Smittybilt Receiver Hitch D-Ring in your 2″ hitch receiver, and you can be the puller — or pullee — of choice in an emergency.

Rugged Ridge 15104.25 Recovery Gear Kit Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Recovery Gear Kit [Manufacturer’s Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

*Community Emergency Response Team

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2 Responses to Rugged Ridge Recovery Kit

  1. Gil says:

    Wow, that’s a really good price for a natch-block and tree strap. Plus you get all the other fun stuff.

  2. Mike says:

    That’s a great price for the equipment you need for doing vehicle extractions, and has all the safety gear you need (besides commen sense) 🙂

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