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When you’re installing tile you want to cut holes for fixtures in the right place the first time. There are several ways to do this pretty accurately: measuring the location and transferring the measurements to the tile, placing the tile over a previous tile and using another tile to transfer the location of the hole, or making a template out of cardboard.

Compared to the above methods, Kapro’s 303 ceramic hole marker is just a faster reusable template. You can use it to copy the positions of pipe holes right onto tile. Slip the closed hole over a pipe stub and align the handle with the corner of the installed tile, tighten the screw lock, and transfer the measurement to your tile.

Kapro likens their 303 ceramic tile hole marker to a T-bevel with the addition of a hole at one end and a half-hole at the other with inner radii of 32mm (1.25″) and outer radii of 75 mm (2.95″). They manufacture the blade from PVC and mark it in both inches and centimeters. They construct the handle from fiberglass reinforced polymer and give it markings on the handle every 15°. A right angle wing on the handle allows you to align the tool repeatedly.

Given the specific use of this tool, it’s hard to imagine anybody but a professional installer purchasing it, but it’s a relatively cheap investment of as little as $8 before shipping.

Ceramic Hole Marker [Kapro]
Ceramic Hole Marker [Utter Guys]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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9 Responses to Quickly Locate Holes In Ceramic Tile

  1. Shopmonger says:

    If you cannot meaasure….don’t do your own tiles….


  2. Shopmonger says:

    Or even if you cannot measure, you can just hold tile up make a mark, hold i on teh other side and make a mark, and then connect teh two lines and where they intersect it is the center of your pipe.


  3. I’m not sure how useful this tool would be for someone who can’t measure. It doesn’t seem to have a way to allow the user to compensate for the width of the grout line.

  4. fred says:

    Like fishing lures – some catch more would be fisherman than they do fish

  5. Chris says:

    ShopMonger – Your second post makes no sence.

    I think the way you compensate for the width o fthe grout line is by putting this up against the spacers. If you go to the Kapro site and DL the product spec you can see it in action a bit easier.

  6. shopmonger says:

    as long you you use the spacer that you are going to use for the tile…….then you will be fine……


  7. rob says:

    LOL waste
    of time can be done faster with a tape or ruler

  8. Brau says:

    The chrome ring that covers the tile is what … maybe 3 inches across?? Just how accurate do you really need to be?

  9. paganwonder says:

    Who measures tile? You hold it up and mark it.

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