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Your latest large shop purchase came in a crate secured with steel straps. Swearing, you go look for some snips that are hard enough to actually cut the straps. Sure they can be tough to remove, but that’s the point. Now you find yourself wondering how they put the straps on in the first place.

Generally you need two tools to apply steel strapping: a tensioner and a sealer. You use the tensioner to take up the tension and hold the strapping while you use the sealer to crimp the seal in place. Of course if you ship a large volume of similar products, you could always buy a dedicated machine such as the large coil strapping machine pictured above.

The tensioners usually work on a range of strapping thicknesses and widths, while the sealers are dedicated to a single width of strapping but still work with a range of thicknesses. Depending on the application, you can use a single or double-notch strapping sealer. Double notch sealers require more force so they usually have longer handles.

If you want to get started strapping on a shoestring budget you can pick up a set of 3/4″ strapping tools at Amazon for around $200 shipped.

Strapping Hand Tools [Quality Strapping Systems]
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Via Amazon [What’s This?]

5 Responses to Steel Strapping Tools Overview

  1. shopmonger says:

    These are great not for only shipping, but packing tools away for storage. another neat use it to strap steal shelves to a concrete wall..


  2. buckshot says:

    Not really interested in the strapping tools but steel strapping is awesome stuff, and some of the bigger stuff is heat treatable and very useful for making small blades. As a kid the first knives I made were out of strapping. I know some historical reenactors and they use it for scale plate armor, arrow heads etc etc. Great thing is you can find tons of it for free in any industrial site.

  3. Mike47 says:

    “another neat use it to strap steal shelves to a concrete wall..”

    So no one can steel them???

  4. Chris says:

    Recently I saw someone “cut” some steel strapping with two shifters done up till almost closed and once put on the strap next to each other, you just hold one and turn the other and the strap just tears. I was surprised how easy it was when I tried it myself.

    Happy unpacking.

  5. ShopMonger says:

    Mike, actually OSHA in Ca requires them, also when you are going to load them with 1000lb molds you want that extra protection……


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