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The Adafruit Industries blog reports that Popular Science has partnered with Google to put their entire 137-year archive online for free browsing. The example shown above is the March 1933 issue. Peeking inside you’ll find such neat things as ads for the $495 Plymouth Six and the Pontiac 77-horsepower straight eight, plus articles on “Gold Mining taught with Models” and, the cover story, “Seagull Boat Skims Water at Seventy Miles an Hour.”

I could spend hours here reliving one of the fondest memories of my childhood: when my parents would visit one of their friends who had a huge collection of Popular Science magazines, I would tag along and happily wile away the hours perusing old issues until I fell asleep.

Search the PopSci Archives [Popular Science]
Popular Science March 1933 [Google Books]

3 Responses to 137 Years Of Popular Science Online

  1. Toolaremia says:


    I’ve been reading Pop Sci since I first subscribed as a kid 30 *cough* 35 years ago. I credit my broad interests and general knowledge to the curiosity fostered and honed by all the cool stuff in the “What’s New” section.

    I know where I’ll be spending the next few hours…

  2. Aleksejs says:

    Check out Moderm Mechanix as well:

  3. mickeyrat says:

    I have always found Popular Mechanics better,the older ones and the newer ones.Pop Sci did have Gus Wilson and more whats new but I find PM was more meat and potatoes.Mecanics Illistrated was pretty good also but I think Uncle Tom kept them going.I find the war years(WW2) best in all the popular mags

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