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I’ll admit that I’m still guilty of cramming stuff under my bed — even as I’m approaching 40. But Toolmonger blitzcat has a better solution: a bed frame that incorporates sliding drawers. Though he bought the plans from online seller knottyplans.com, I’d bet most of you could gin up your own similar project from the pictures he’s posted to the Flickr pool.

For more photos, check out the full set he posted, including my favorite: pics of the plywood riding home strapped to the top of a small SUV. As if you needed it, here’s more proof that you don’t need to own a truck and a pile of tools to build simple projects to make your life simpler.

Hopefully he’ll stop by and give us some more details about the project in comments!

Storage Bed [TM’s Flickr Pool]
Mate’s Bed Project [Flickr]


14 Responses to The Right Way To Cram Things Under Your Bed

  1. DeadGuy says:

    I just built some drawers with wheels on them. I put swivel casters on so that I could push the drawer in any direction, since there isn’t a track.

    It worked out pretty well, but I hope to build something similar to the picture when I move on to the Master Bedroom.

  2. DeadGuy says:

    P.S. Great job! That looks awesome. I hope it is everything you wanted it to be.

  3. blitzcat says:

    Hi. I hope its ok that this is a repost from earlier on toolmonger. This is the same bed! It took longer than I wanted to make time to finish hanging the drawers- but its all complete. Wife is very happy for the storage space for her stuff. The composite ‘birch’ lumber sheets aren’t truly flat- the bow slighly, so I had to tune the drawer rails with washers so the rails would run smooth. The plans I bought were cheap compared to the gobs of time and mistakes I could make.

  4. Jerry says:

    Great job! This brings back memories of all the water-beds I have owned in the past. They all had drawers built into the pedestals.

  5. Rich says:

    I did a very similar project two years ago – built a bed with two 4’x4′ flat-file drawers underneath. Under bed storage is really handy, especially for storing large flat objects – in our case, silkscreen prints. I’m happy to share the plans if anyone is interested – I have them in a sketch-up file.

    Photos are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wattsei/2439413818/in/set-72157600329761256/

  6. Shalin says:

    Great approach! This also reminds me of this project – “Bed in a Box”…



  7. Dennis says:

    Very nice, I have been toying with this idea since I moved, well when I have time to organize my garage.

  8. blitzcat says:

    @Rich If my wife sees that I’ll have to do the whole project again. She’s a printmaker, and didn’t know flat files were an option. I like the heavy duty sliders. I used cheapo Blum style from fleabay since I needed so many.

  9. shopmonger says:

    Awesome job both of you… very nice work….. good finishing…….


  10. jeff says:

    My first thought upon seeing the tools in the drawers in the picture was “I’d love to store my tools under my bed!” I’m doubting the wife would be okay with that. They would probably be filled with shoes. 🙁

  11. Rich says:

    I got my slides off ebay as well, but just four. If I remember correctly they weren’t that expensive, but they cost as much to ship as I paid for them. It was a bit overkill – full extension slides rated for 150lbs each.

  12. Dr Bob says:

    Believe it or not, I keep a tool box under my bed.

    Those are nice projects.

  13. jim says:

    That is always the debate for storing stuff under your bed. Should you just arrange it all under there, or go all out and get a bed frame with some storage drawers.
    The project looks pretty good.

  14. frank says:

    can someone email me plans to build a queen size bed with drawers underneath thank you toolmongers : )

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