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So it’s too cold to plant. That doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole winter sitting around on your butt. Sue Bucher of the Adams County Master Gardener co-op in Pennsylvania offers some great suggestions to keep you busy during those winter months. Our favorite (and her #1 recommendation): clean and repair your garden tools.

That’s right: There’s nothing worse than going to crank the rototiller or lawn mower in the spring, only to discover it full of sludge and in need of maintenance. Why not take care of it now and enjoy the benefits when it’s warm?

But she’s got lots of other suggestions, including ones you can take on from inside where it’s warm, like building an indoor grow lab to start plants from seeds or to experiment with various lighting — their extension office offers plans — or planting alfalfa seeds for salad sprouts.

For lots more suggestions — and a wealth of interesting gardening information — check out the full article below.

(Thanks, psd, for the awesome CC-licensed photo.)

A Gardener’s Tips for Curing The Winter Blues [Master Gardeners]


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  1. ShopMonger says:

    Indoor gardening, and doing starter plants is a great way to keep your Green thumb from turning brown…


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