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Cable ties are nothing new, but sometimes you don’t want to put all your wires in one bundle, so Panduit’s double loop cable ties allow you to use a single cable tie to secure two different bundles. The double slotted head lets the tail go through like a normal cable tie, but the second slot allows you to loop the tail back around to form a second loop.

The linked cable ties are Panduit’s weather-resistant black nylon variety. The 11.8″ long ties can form two 3″ loops. Measuring .190″ wide by .052″ thick, these ties have a 50 lb minimum loop tensile strength and are UL recognized.

A hundred-pack of these weather-resistant double loop cable ties will run you about $28 plus shipping.  You can even find triple loop cable ties if you poke around Panduit’s website.

Double Loop Cable Ties [Panduit]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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9 Responses to Cable Tie Goes Loop De Loop

  1. mlocer says:

    What a brilliant idea how come this has only just been thought of ??

  2. DanS says:

    This is awesome! My boss has been looking for ties like this for months now.

  3. LennyNero says:

    We use large versions of these ties to keep air brake hoses on trucks separated so they don’t chafe against each other.

  4. mr. man says:

    Regardless of how much UV protection they mix into the plastic; I don’t consider these a permanent solution for holding anything together for any length of time.

  5. ambush says:

    The black ones are pretty good, but you’re right, if they are in direct contact with sunlight they will weaken and break after a few years. I’ve used these at work once or twice. I usually see them on a premade wiring harness one two bundle the inline fuses to the wire and one two clip the whole thing to whatever you can find under the hood.

  6. Hammer Man says:

    Am I missing something? Can’t you do nearly the same thing by snaking a simple cable tie into a figure-8?

  7. shopmonger says:

    I love me some PEX, air lines, water, ect…..so i i love me some figure 8’s…….keep them from banging into each other and making for a quiet home…. not much UV in the basement, or attic….


  8. Jason says:

    Ehhh….. yeah it looks cool but it really doesn’t do much unless for a specialized application like mentioned above for the truck brake lines.

    In most electrical/datacom/telecom/alarm work I really don’t see too much use for this. Most people aren’t that OCD and most companies are tightening the belt and using as cheap as possible. It’s the sad truth, but we all know it, the economy is crap. By the time I will see these in use they will probably have invented something better.

  9. Bubbub says:

    How about some Mille-Ties?

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