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It’s not exactly a Dealmonger, but Lee Valley does have an introductory price on their Veritas® Detail Rabbet Planes. These patented, made-in-Canada planes come in five widths (1/4″, 5/16″ (8mm), 3/8″, 6mm, and 10mm). The one piece ductile cast iron body has a 3″-long sole, and a 15° bed angle. When the O1 tool steel lapped blade with its 30° bevel is inserted, the plane provides a 45° cutting angle.

A one-piece polished brass tongue and palm rest holds the blade in place. Until March 25, 2010, three-piece sets of Imperial or metric planes are $149 (the regular price will be $169). All five planes can be purchased for $239 until March 25, 2010, or for $279 after that date. Single planes are $65 each.

These planes may be a good alternative to a chisel for trimming, or cleaning dados and grooves.

Veritas® Detail Rabbet Planes [Manufacturer’s Site]

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7 Responses to Veritas Detail Rabbet Planes

  1. paganwonder says:

    Tools as art, cool.

  2. Yadda says:

    Beautiful tools.

  3. Joshua says:

    proof that simple does not mean ugly

  4. Brau says:

    Makes me wish I needed a set.

  5. turbogeezer says:

    Kudos to whoever is designing and green-lighting these! Starting with those gorgeous hand planes they introduced last fall, their new hand tool designs are moving into the “Bridge City Tools” class, but at prices regular folks can afford. A CS-12 combination square from Bridge City is a joy to behold, and surely wonderful to work with, but $370 just isn’t going to happen. I’m thinking that Lee Valley could come up with one just as beautiful/useful at a third or a quarter of that.

  6. Shopmonger says:

    TOOL PORN and i Love the CenterFold


  7. Jonathan Johnstone says:

    Tool Porn is right! and if you think they look sexy, wait ’till you feel one in your hand. not only is it comfortable, it’s the perfect hand placement for making a cut too. I don’t see much of a learning curve to this tool for most people..

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