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With Robert’s Roll-O universal knife you don’t have to sacrifice the skin on your knuckles when you cut rough materials like asphalt shingles or carpet. The knife’s finger loop, contoured handle, and extended roller tail protect your fingers and probably give you more control than a standard run-of-the-mill utility knife.

Unlike many other “improved” utility knives, the Roll-O knife uses standard 2 or 3 notch utility blades.  It opens with the push of a button for quickly changing the blade and accessing storage which holds up to 10 extra blades. Pricing for the Roll-O universal knife starts at $10.

Roll-O Universal Knife [Roberts]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

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3 Responses to Roll-O Was Its Name-O

  1. fred says:

    Roberts and Crain are probably best known for flooring tools. Saw this knife at a Home Depot – but didn’t buy one to give it a try.

    What we use for shingles is an AJC product – figure “A” in the link below:


    AJC also offers a nifty hand spudder.

  2. Jack says:

    I like the Fiskars Powergrip knife – very comfortable in the hand, but not a heavy use knife: http://www.labsafety.com/FISKARS-Powergrip-Ergonomic-Utility-Knife_s_43162/Utility-Knives_24538946/

  3. Christian517 says:

    Doesn’t seem so practical, as one may simply wear gloves. Plus the Fiskars look much better.

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