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Well, they’re not laser-guided, but they do have LEDs (specifically “two Memphis logo LED lights with each pair”). And there are four attachment points per glove for the LEDs. These mechanics-type gloves have Spandex® backs, synthetic leather palms with foam padding, adjustable neoprene cuffs, and PVC on the palm and fingertips for gripping. A pair can be yours for around $12.50 (size large; shipping not included).

LED gloves might be a better approach than sticking a flashlight in your mouth and trying to aim it, but I’m not sure they’re an improvement over an LED headlamp (e.g., like these [What’s This?]), or a good trouble light.

Has anyone tried these gloves? What do you think?

MCR Safety Multi Purpose Gloves With LED Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Memphis Multi-task Gloves [Manufacturer’s Site]

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18 Responses to Hot Or Not: LED Gloves

  1. Deelow says:

    NOT! My energizer head lamp works just fine. I already look like a tool using that so I don’t need something else to make me look like even more of a tool. Lights on gloves is the equivalent of the laser craze. “Oh let’s put a laser on this pencil so I can draw straighter lines” FAIL!

  2. Dan says:

    Never used them but I can’t see how they would be better then a headlamp. I mean a head lamp points where you are looking, which is where you need the light. These may or may not be pointing where you need them. And the light would be jumping all around.

  3. regis says:

    mmm. not appealing for most jobs for me. Besides my plain old headlamp, I’ve recently grown fond of a pair of safety glasses with LED lights on the sides.

    I’d rather the light be where i’m looking rather than where my hand is pointing.

  4. russ says:

    Not – I like my headlamp. The led lights on the safety glasses seems interesting but I use the safety glasses with bi-focals (reading glasses) in them so I won’t get those.

  5. Jerry says:

    Another hand raises for the “NOT!” Imagine turning that screwdriver – every movement of the driver equals a movement of the light. The headlamp works well for me as does my usual “hold the mini-mag in the mouth.” I did grab an idea from a service tech regarding the mini-mag though. He had wrapped one of those wide rubber bands around it so his teeth were biting rubber and not the hard body of the light. Tried – liked it and use it.

  6. Old Coot says:

    Definitely not hot.

  7. David Bryan says:

    Do they shoot spiderwebs too?

  8. Cravingspeed says:

    Not sure about the light, but for the price better than no gloves at all.

  9. Joe says:

    I have the Craftsman variety. I like them. Great for when you already have the gloves on and you’re under the car…..forgetting the flashlight. Beats crawling out again. I keep forgetting to turn them off though!

  10. Toby says:

    @ Jerry: Try this, it will save your teeth:


  11. Joel says:

    I like this idea though I’d have to give them a try first for sure.
    When you’re laying on your back under the car there are a lot of places where it’s pretty tough to get the trouble light to shine where you want it to just because of it’s shape and size. And even if you can get the light to point the right way you can’t hold it there and also use your hands to do something. Also, unless you have a hoist a headlamp is always in the way – your forehead is just too close to the bottom of the car.

    At least this way you know if you can get your hand next to it, you can also get some light on it.

  12. ambush says:

    Gloves wear out fast enough that it seems wasteful, in addition to all the other reasons mentioned already.

  13. ShopMonger says:

    NOT!!! the gloves will wear out too fast for the advantage….. and the head lamp works great…. I ahve used one for 10 years and it is still going strong……


  14. auto01 says:

    you can always use this instead, if you don’t want something on your head or in your mouth…http://www.striker1.com/video_light.html

  15. matthew says:

    I absolutely cannot wear gloves while working. I wish I could, my fingers are often lasting reminders of what part I replaced on the car last night. I just can’t stand the feel of gloves.

  16. Brough says:

    Hey these would be GREAT on a hayride date, EH?

  17. Phil says:

    I rarely wear gloves when working, so these would not do me any good. What I did find handy was a little LED light I bought for a buck at a novelty shop at the beach. A little elastic band holds it to any finger, and the thing itself is tiny. I can move it between fingers as convenient, and it shoots enough light to be useful. I picked up a couple more the next time at the beach. I plan on getting a few more, since people seem to like them and I gave a couple away already.

  18. Tommy says:

    I have used some LED gloves from http://www.litebrightraves.com and they are AWESOME! Not so much work gloves.. but they are super bright, and flash all kinds of colors.. yeah it’s more of a party or rave item.. but my mom uses them to garden at night… she’s kind of weird. 🙂 But yeah.. they’re awesome.

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