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Lifehacker notes this neat computer desk built by one of their readers, Joseperezfm. He admired the features of the commercially-available BlueLounge StudioDesk (shown below), but did not have the budget for its $599.95 price, so he decided to make his own version.

I really like the basic StudioDesk design (47″×27.5″ top), especially his version (60″×28″ top) with the addition of hollow legs for hiding wires, and the non-contrasting sliding top. He has many more pictures and details of the project in Flickr.

As shown above, he used standard full-extension drawer slides for the portion of the desktop that opens to reveal the storage compartment. This compartment, combined with the long cable slot in the top, makes it easy to route all the necessary computer cables while minimizing their exposure. Any cables running out from the storage compartment are further concealed by running them through the hollow legs (which have semicircular cutouts on their bottoms to allow cord passage).

JP Desk Build [Flickr]

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2 Responses to DIY Computer Desk

  1. Jerry says:

    Pretty sweet desk! To not only create almost a clone of the overpriced unit but to add to it is sheer genius. Want to bet that when the creators of the original see this “knock-off” they will find a way to make a hollow leg and incorporate it into their design? They probably didn’t realize that a valuable member of their design team wasn’t even being paid to help them out.

  2. ambush says:

    Amazing what you can do with a sheet of ply, an imagination and some time.

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