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We’ve covered laminate flooring cutters before, but we just couldn’t pass up writing about the Floor Boar. It’s one part ratchet, one part mini-saw, and instead of slicing through flooring with a sharp blade, you ratchet the handle up and down to make dual saw blade-like cutters chew through flooring.

The Floor Boar’s ratcheting dual blade action allows you to make cross cuts, angle cuts, and even rip flooring lengthwise. Plus you can stop any where in the cut, flip the reversing lever on the ratchet, and back the flooring out. This allows you to make notches and stopped cuts. To see the tool in action, make sure you check out Robert’s YouTube video link at the end of the post.

The dual hardened steel 48-tooth blades can cut though planks up to 12mm thick — even pre-padded laminate. It generates little dust, and the debris that is left is easy to clean up. Since you’re not slicing with a giant blade it just might be more finger friendly too.

With a little online shopping, you can pick up the Robert’s Floor Boar for as little as $65.

Floor Boar [Roberts]
Floor Boar Video [YouTube]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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8 Responses to Floor Boar Chews Through Flooring

  1. Old Coot says:

    Yeah, the dust from cutting this stuff with a saw really sucks, but the oatmeal-sized residue from the unit shown (see the video) will find it’s way into the groove and make the installation of long runs very difficult. It only takes one little chunk of something to completely prevent the locking action and if you try to force it, you’ll likely blow-out a big chunk of laminate thereby ruining a full piece. This admonition also applies to the paper-cutter style laminate cutters such as D-CUT and similar.

  2. fred says:

    We try to direct our customers to other (than laminate) flooring options – as we have done many rip-out jobs for people who were not satisfied for long with the product. Maybe its getting better – but we still recommend real hardwood floors if the budget will allow.

    We have – and continue to do laminate – for summer homes – where it may offer an economic advantage – just like we do fiber-cement siding for the same reasons (e.g. holds up to salt spray)

    In looking at the amazon link above – I see Roberts/QEP also offer a guillotine cutter.


  3. Joshua says:

    Two things that I thought were rather interesting, or perhaps… disturbed.
    1) How smooth is the cut being made? From the grainy video it seems to me that the ‘boar’ was more or less just slowly chopping with a good bit of force.

    2) It seems like there is a rather wide and wasted kerf. Granted, I work with metal, not wood, but I am sure the same principal applies; I was taught that “Greater the kerf, greater the waste. Greater the waste, greater the cost.”

    Now I am sure for a single project that may be of little concern, but small things are always multiplied in the long term.

    Just my thoughts.

  4. They Call Me TIM... says:

    I just installed my floors using the Floor Boar and next time I will buy the power tools. chop saw and table saw. The Floor Boar does what it says it does, but it sure takes a lot of patients as there are no fences to guide any of the cuts. Still if you have the patients you will get the job done.

  5. albert flores says:

    I’ve used the floor boar for three rooms now. It does a nice job. Just take your time for great results. Would I like to use my power miter saw and table saws? Sure. But I don’t have a vacant adjoining room available to me. The floor boar does the job in tight space with minimal cleanup.

  6. Joe says:

    This tool is awesome and i bought it for 14 dollars nice ripper

  7. Emilio Ramos says:

    Where can I get one of these cutters, Amazon does not have it available and can’t find it online to order

  8. Lola Stockbrugger says:

    Hi where can I buy the replacement blades for the floor boar.
    I need to be able to ship to Canada

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