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If you happen to pass through Oroville, California (hint: it’s a good bit north of Sacramento), you might want to take a minute to stop by Bolt’s gift to the tool world: an antique tool museum. Opened back in 2006, it looks like this little metal building houses all sorts of old wrenches, blacksmith tools, household tools, and other sorts of neat stuff.

The Eponymous Bud started his tool career as a Snap-On dealer, and later worked for Cornwall, MAC, and others. But most importantly, he’s a total tool geek, just like most of us Toolmongers. He spent over 50 years gathering the collection currently on display in his museum, and it sounds they’re still adding to the collection regularly.

Seriously, folks, if one of you manages to visit Bolt’s place, swing by the gift shop, pick up a coffee cup, and send it our way.

Bolt’s Antique Tool Museum [Main Site]


2 Responses to Bolt’s Antique Tool Museum

  1. john says:

    I found an old American style ax in a field. After replacing the handle and sharpening it to a razor I am grinding the rust off with sandpaper. I noticed the letters T B A in diamonds on the side of the blade. Anyone know anything?

  2. Chaon says:

    That museum is covered in the most recent issue of Factory Gear magazine (Japan). The editor also visited and did a write-up of the Long Beach performance tool swap, which I kind of got a kick out of.

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