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We’re not sure whether this is just business as usual or an indication of how rough the auto aftermarket business has fared in the tough economy, but the folks at Jegs are giving away a brand new Camaro SS. And the geeks out there among you may recognize the paintjob as the one closest to the one featured in the recent Transformers movies.

As per usual with these contests, you’ll have to cough up some personal information including, at bare minimum, your address and email — presumably so you’ll begin receiving Jegs catalogs and email promotions. They also encourage you to pass on some details about what vehicles you own and work on.

The contest runs through July 4th.

Camaro Giveaway [Jegs]


5 Responses to Win A Camaro SS, Courtesy Of Jegs

  1. Dave P says:

    I dig that body style. the car is nice too

  2. Toolaremia says:

    In. If I win, I’ll sell it and buy something that weighs less than your average pickup truck. 😉

  3. russ says:

    If you win you may have to sell it to pay the taxes. Nice car though.

  4. Toolaremia says:

    Bah! Uncle Sap will only take 50% of it to “bail out” rich bankers, auto executives, and other major campaign contributors. The rest will be mine to buy more cheap old Japanese cars!

  5. ChrisW says:

    Nice hood ornament, but I can’t afford the maintenance costs for it.

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