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Ever since we spent some time in a pair of 8″ Wolverines, I’ve become a fan. I’ve generally worn only really cheap boots because hey — they all seem the same, right? Maybe not. While I won’t argue that there’s nothing wrong with a $25 pair of work boots, the $170 Wolverines kicked some serious ass in the shop and around town.

But sometimes an 8″ boot is just a little bit tall and heavy for me. Some days I’d like the same protection and slip-resistant soles, but with a shorter, lighter, and maybe black shoe. Enter the 6″ pictured above. It’s pretty much waterproof, made of leather with a Gore-Tex lining. And it features the same slip-resistant soles as my current pair.

Now if I just had a spare $160 burning a hole in my pocket.

Durashocks Gore-tex Waterproof 6″ Boot [Wolverine]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


2 Responses to Want: Wolverine’s Gore-Tex Durashocks 6″ Boot

  1. Joe C. says:

    I have the 8″ version. Good boot, but I could do without the liner/membrane. It does keep water out, but it also keeps water in. Seepage around the cuff, or heavy sweating, will leave you with a puddle inside.

    This is my third pair of Wolverines, and I really like the brand, but I wish they, along with most manufacturers, would resist the “need” to upgrade and improve upon a good item. The boots that these replace were great, but they were no longer available.

  2. b. foo says:

    I have the 6″ brown ones with the steel toes and they were only like 80-90 bucks.

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