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Check out the interesting lock mechanism on this Buck knife: A spring-loaded tab fits into a slot on the black rotary piece, making it dead simple to open and close. (Buck calls it the SafeSpin deployment.) Plus, I love the utility knife vibe. It’s almost as though it’s a utility knife for people who use it more on boxes and other stuff than on carpet or shingles.

While the front of the drop-point blade is slick, the back is serrated so you can hack away on the tough stuff. And the back features a wide belt clip, perfect for attaching to a tool belt or a carabiner on your tool bag. Buck also mention an “all-weather grip,” which I’m not sure I understand. If it was textured a little bit, that’d be thoroughly awesome.

But the best news is that it starts at around $22 online.

The Redpoint [Buck]
Street Pricing
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5 Responses to The Buck Redpoint

  1. Bugler says:

    Looks very cool. It’s hard to beat Buck for value.

  2. Jason says:

    I gave up on using cheap knives. My hands are worth more money than a cheap knife that will break on me. Now I usually stick to Spyderco and Benchmade, Kershaw is OK too. Buck still uses 420HC steel, this isn’t the 70s anymore. I want my blade to last longer than a few hours of work, I hate sharpening my knife every day. Try a knife with CPM-M4 steel and then compare it to the cheap 420HC knife. It’s 2010……time to upgrade

  3. Jason says:

    I forgot to add, combo edges suck too. Gimme a plain edge anyday. Fully Serrated edges are good for certain things like rope or tough materials but a combo edge does neither well.

  4. buckshot says:

    I used to hate combo edges too but now I carry a 3″ Buck with one on my keyring. They are good for all round use but if you’re doing a specific job then by all means use something else. For the rest of us, most of the time, a combo edge gets those little chores done.

  5. KoKo the Talking Ape says:

    It would be nicer if the blade were flat-ground like a lot of Spydercos. That deep hollow-grind binds in many materials, like cardboard.

    I would wonder how durable that locking mechanism is.

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