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When we first heard about Home Depot’s iPhone app, we couldn’t help but think back about all the incredible frustration we’ve endured searching for items via Depot’s full website. But hey — we live to serve. So we installed it. And here’s our review.

First we should tell you that the application doesn’t include any item-level search functionality. Think of it more as an iPhone-enhanced weekly deals flyer. Launching the app, you see the option to head directly to Depot’s Facebook page, plus one or two groupings of topic-related featured items. (When I looked it was energy-saving products — CFLs, tankless water heaters, and so on — and storage — bins, racks, and shelving.)

Clicking on either of these takes you to a detail page where you can scroll through the items with pricing, then add them to a shopping list or wish list. Shopping and wish lists are accessible via the “Shop” tab on the bottom of the screen, as are the items from your weekly advertisement in list form.

The “Know How” tab offers some pretty slick little how-to articles, like how to install a ceiling fan or dimmer and how to paint a room. You can add the required tools directly to your wish list, and if the instructions still don’t get you there, you can even watch a brief video detailing the process.

The “Toolbox” tag incorporates some help and a link to the full Depot site, but most importantly it includes a store finder.

Our verdict: It’s free, so you can’t really complain. The how-to seems well-executed and aimed at the non-technical crowd, but we’re pretty sure you can find all this information via the web — probably in a large and easier-to-view format. I have caught myself checking the weekly ad from time to time as I’m looking for a light fixture to go on sale and generally end up trashing the flyer before it gets to my desk.

In short, it’s nothing to write home about, but you might as well grab it.

Home Depot Application [iTunes]


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  1. Jayasree says:

    Home Depot now has a improved App. This one seems to the review of the older version.

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