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You have your compass, router circle cutting jig, wallboard circle cutter, and pencil and string; how many ways do you you need to draw or cut circles? Well, try out OLFA’s heavy-duty compass circle cutter. It can cut or scribe 3″ to 12″ diameter circles in paper, cardboard, mat board, rubber gasket material, drywall, thin plywood, and more, and when the blade dulls, just snap it off for a new edge.

Olfa’s heavy-duty compass circle cutter retails for $42, but you can pick it up for as little as $30. A 50-pack of OLFA’s replacement blades — that’ll give you 400 cutting edges — runs a little over $20.  We’re not sure if you can use standard snap-off blades with this circle cutter, but that would make it a whole lot cheaper to buy replacements.

*Circle Cutter [OLFA]
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One Response to A Circle Cutter For Almost All Occasions

  1. Toolaremia says:

    I like Olfa’s circle cutters. I have the compass circle cutter I use to cut round holes in RC car bodies. Makes clean, consistent cuts without much fuss.

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