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Though I’m pretty sure long-time Toolmonger PutnamEco, who took the picture above and posted it to our Flickr pool, will answer this question, I can’t help but ask anyway: What’s the most common use for a bent/angled adjustable wrench? I’ve seen enough of ’em on the ‘net and in toolboxes that I know there’s a pretty common application. I guess I just haven’t run into it yet.

And before you write to thrash me for my ignorance, let me say that I have the utmost respect for specialty tools. Hell, deep-offset wrenches have saved the day for me on at least one occasion, and I keep a drawer full of oddball screwdrivers, well, just in case.

One thing’s certain: It looks like mister Eco’s got himself around $100 worth of Westcotts, if we’re to believe current eBay auctions.

Westcott Wrenches [TM Flickr Pool]


3 Responses to Reader Question: Bent Adjustables?

  1. Jerry says:

    One use for these wrenches was on the old Fordson tractors. It had something to do with reaching a bolt/nut that was located in a very tight spot behind the radiator – I think it had t do with a pulley that was notorious for loosening through normal use of the tractor. You could slip the wrench down there easily enough but not your hand. It also had a lot to do with the angle of the wrench on the nut – as in you couldn’t place the wrench just anywhere on the bolt/nut because of clearance issues. Just something I recall reading when doing some antique tractor research.

  2. PutnamEco says:

    They are made to be used in areas of limited and or confined access. I also believe they are more ergonomic, They are indeed comfortable to use. You can put a surprising amount of torque on a nut with one of these short handled wonders.

  3. the jailhouse plumber says:

    If you are not bending wrenches into new shapes with a rosebud, well you are not really dealing with any real problems.

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