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So it’s V minus three, and you’re still thinking “what should I do for the special day?” We feel your pain. So we kicked the idea around the Toolmonger offices and came up with a few ideas.

Here’s what we came up with:

1. Make Something

Regardless of which side of the gender gap on which you reside, there’s nothing sexier than receiving something made especially for you. The fact that you spent hours with your hands on the item while crafting it to perfection — plus the incredible opportunity such intense customization brings for expressing your intimate knowledge of the intended recipient — make the selection of item itself almost irrelevant. Take your pick and get to work.

2. Fix Something

That leaky faucet, squeaky stair, car stereo that’s really a car mono since it only plays out the left speaker? Target the items from the bottom of the gonna-make-us-live-in-the-rain-and-snow list but at the top of the makes-us-happy list — the ones you normally wouldn’t get to until well into spring. And don’t make a big deal out of it. Just take care of it.

3. Don’t Forget The Tools

No matter what the TV may tell you, Valentine wasn’t the patron saint of lingerie and sex toys. Tools are what separate us from (most) animals, and they make great gifts for any occasion — even when your SO isn’t a tool nut (like us). If yours does happen to believe in the tool arts, your choice is easy: Look for the dog-eared catalog pages or bookmarked manufacturer sites. But if he or she doesn’t think about tools much, don’t despair. Just look for a tool that’ll make life easier.

And most important of all: Enjoy the day.

Do you have great specific ideas you’re willing to share? Or a killer story about something you made, fixed, upgraded, or gave for the big day in years past? Share with us in comments!


10 Responses to Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Old Coot says:

    So that wouldn’t be a good day to ask her to cleanup the workshop after she’s washed the truck?

  2. bob says:

    She should want to clean the shop.

  3. cousinit says:

    Tell her that’s her job to cook,clean and yes that includes the shop and wash the truck .When she’s finished it’s time for her to get you a beer because you had a hard day watching her.Then it’s time for her to cook your supper and do the dishes. Her next job is to give you a message to relax before you go to sleep because you had a hard day.

  4. cousinit says:

    After all of the above Don’t let her clean the gun

  5. Brau says:

    Cousinit is smarter than you think … if you follow his instructions on the 12th. On the 13th put the toilet roll on backward, leave the seat up, drape a wet towel on the bed, toss wet garbage into the recycles container, and leave the cabinet door open so the cat can play with all the strings dangling from the feminine products. She’ll likely go completely nuts and freak out calling you the stupidest person alive. On the 14th, apologize and be very contrite. Tell how dumb you were, how smart, wonderful and right she is, and how you could never survive without her. You *might* get rewarded at a level far beyond mere flowers and dinner.

  6. Jim says:

    As crazy as the above thread sounds, it is like that under my roof. My wife is Japanese.

    The Japanese celebrate St. Valentine’s day in a rather unique fashion. Women give the men gifts of chocolate as well as other gifts. (Men do nothing but receive)

    These gifts of chocolate are divided into two types: giri choco (obligatory chocolate) and honmei choco (chocolate for the man the woman is serious about). Giri choco is given by women to their superiors at work as well as to other male co-workers. It is not unusual for a woman to buy 20 to 30 boxes of this type of chocolate for distribution around the office as well as to men that she has regular contact with.

    A woman will normally purchase boxes of giri choco in the several hundred yen range ($2-4) and may purchase an expensive box of honmei choco and another gift such as a necktie for her “special someone”.

    I lived in Tokyo, was single and the boss with 13 woman on my team (only the Controller was married). I looked foward to Valentine’s day!

    For more info: http://www.tanutech.com/japan/valentine.html

  7. ShopMonger says:

    How about taking out your old block plane, make some nice long shavings on something soft like pine…. The take the curls and dye them with some red food coloring……. Let them dry for abut 2-3 hours…. Then with a hot glue gun, ca glue or any other fast drier… gently glue them to a dowel in the shape of a flower…….. Bonus points for making the flower yourself……


  8. Wow, lots of Romeos on this thread! :O

  9. Adam R says:

    I have never bought a v-day present. Told my wife very early on that I don’t do the halmark holidays. Give her lots of love other times of year and have never had a problem. 14 years and going strong.

  10. cousinit says:

    You might get *rewarded* or you can listen her to call you a DUMB SOB for the rest of your life. She will never forget the things that you did and she will never ever let you forget it. You will be reminded over and over and over and over ad infinitum of the stupid things you do. Their mind in like a vise little thing get locked away waiting for the most opportune time to surface.I have been married for 45 years and yes I am still reminded of some of the stupid things I did when I was only married for 2 years.

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