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Amazon has the best deal on the Bullet Tools 513 Mag Shear Lite, $293.28 w/ SS shipping.

The Bullet Tools 513 Mag Shear Lite is a lever-operated manual shear that the manufacturer claims will cut a variety of materials such as laminate flooring, wood flooring, vinyl tile, cement siding, and wood siding. The shear is “dustless,” which means that unlike a powered electric shear or saw, it doesn’t send out a cloud of particles when cutting. The manual (.pdf) shows setup and use. It seems like a useful tool and one I wish I’d had when I was putting in laminate flooring, since I had to constantly run outside to use the miter saw as it wasn’t suitable for use in our house.

Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Bullet Tools 513 Mag Shear Lite [Bullet Tools]


5 Responses to Dealmonger: Bullet Tools 513 Mag Shear Lite

  1. Eric R says:

    I purchased a D-CUT UC-160 a while back after viewing the reviews and watching the demo video. It is a POS. flat out doesn’t work. The video must have been cutting paper. Purchased through amazon and they wouldn’t contact me back when i didn’t like it. Hope this one actually works……. YEEE Be WARNed

  2. fred says:

    The Amazon price certainly seems to be good – but I’ve always thought of these tools as useful for vinyl floor tiles – rather than wood or fiber cement board. I’ve seen several variants on jobsites being used by flooring guys:


    We’ve been doing some cement board siding work – using Kett Shears and have bought a couple of the Ridgid R400 saws that are dedicated to this.

    We’ve tried shingle shears too in the past to cut roofing shingles. These were big paper-cutter-like tools – but blade-life was an issue for us.

  3. Old Coot says:

    What Eric R said. That D-CUT unit is a piece of crap for cutting laminate. Hard to describe, but it doesn’t cut through like it’s paper-cutter style indicates, but rather crushes through, leaving ragged edges and huge quantities of oatmeal-sized debris which find their way into the locking grooves. Pay the shipping cost and you can have mine for free.

  4. Andy says:

    One day I was strolling through the local rental department at my Home Depot and saw this contraption. I looked at it and said to myself, “Are you kidding me, what’s a manual salami slicer doing here?” I’ve done my share of installing hardwood, tile and laminate flooring and when I saw a piece of 10mm laminate on its deck I couldn’t resist trying it out. All I have to say is that it’s a big waste of money, even for a rental. It didn’t provide a nice clean cut and it took too much effort to cut. I don’t think I could ever be proud of my end product if I used this tool. I realize that its target user is the low end DIYer, but come on. If the DIYer can’t even manage a jigsaw I think they should call in a pro, or at least someone with some handy skills.
    I can’t see any self-respecting pro using this on the job site other than to say that they did.

    I do realize the need and desire for dustless tools and operation and although there are few options out there at reasonable price points there are times when a little dust is an inevitable evil. I like to hook up my construction vacuum up with a long hose to my tools whenever possible, especially when I’m working inside. It’s better than nothing and works pretty well to eliminate much of the mess.

    However, having said all that and if you’re still sold on the tool, don’t forget to pack a real saw for your next flooring project.

  5. Lam-layer says:

    I can say from experience. I’ve used a Magnum Shear for years now. And I can’t imagine installing flooring OR Hardie without it. I am at least 30% faster on a job site installing flooring with no longer having to get up and down and walking back and fourth from my saw to my install location. Getting paid by the sqft and working 30% faster equates to MORE MONEY for ME!!! Plus installing both flooring and Hardie I no longer get that gritty dust in my teeth or cement buggers. Bottom line you’re loosing money if your not using one of these things. And I paid over $600 for mine!

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