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First of all, let me thank you for all your kind comments on my “We Want Your Input!” post last week. Your thoughtful and insightful responses remind all of us here in the Toolmonger office just how awesome our readers are. And let me also tell you this: We’ve listened. We’re working on some changes to Toolmonger based on your input. Read on past the jump for a preview of what’s to come:

A few changes we’re working on:

More Projects

Respondents (both in comments and via email) almost universally requested more projects by us and featured reader projects. We, of course, agree wholeheartedly, and we’re working on updates for both the shop truck project, the “Jackass Projects” Porsche story, as well as some other stuff we’ve got going on in the TM shop.

But we need your help here, too. We’ll keep watching the Flickr pool for cool projects to feature, but we could also use your help in identifying great reader projects to feature. Have a cool project? Drop us a line and let us know, either via the Submit-A-Tool form or directly to me at ccage(at)toolmonger.com. Our best reader project features include one or more photos plus a nice description and some quickie how-to.

We’re also going to do our best to feature a reader project on the weekly podcast, too.

More Podcasts

Speaking of podcasts, we’re working to bring back the Tool Talk podcast. As many of you have heard, long-time TM Managing Editor Sean O’Hara has a new family member, so his time has been somewhat limited. However, we’re working on scheduling to try and get you a weekly podcast as before.

(Truthfully we missed doing it as much as you’ve missed hearing it. Sitting down to BS about tools once a week was a high point for us.)

Site Layout

We agree that TM’s site layout (now about two years old) is out of date and in need of freshening. We’re working on it and hope to deploy updates piece by piece over the next few months.


The awesome responses and interactions in comments remind us regularly that we do indeed need to deploy a Toolmonger forum. We’re currently working on this, both financially and design-wise. We think it’s a great idea, and we hope to put something together in the first or second quarter of this year. Hell, if nothing else it’d give us a chance to hang out in the shop with you, virtually if not otherwise.

Lots More

We heard your other requests, too, and we’re working internally to adjust our editorial slightly to provide more content.

And if I haven’t conveyed this already, thanks so much for reading and for participating in Toolmonger. When we launched the site years ago we thought we were alone in being as interested in the tools as the job. When we told our friends about the site, they laughed. “Who cares about tools?” they scoffed.

You do. And we do, too.


7 Responses to You Responded, We Listened

  1. Jaxx says:

    Keep up the great work, this is one of the few sites I check as often as a I can, mainly for the new tool articles.

    Any plans for a mobile version?

  2. Cameron says:


    And congrats, Sean! I had not heard about the new family member!

  3. Jasony says:

    What, Sean’s mother-in-law moved in with him? He discovered a long lost aunt? Be specific!

    Congrats, Sean! Hope the poopie diapers aren’t keeping you out of the shop.

  4. Steve says:

    Who cares about tools? I guess your friends are the types that need to pay untold thousands to contractors to change a few light-bulbs.

  5. Frank Townend says:

    Thank you for your kind words. ToolMonger is on my daily read list. I look forward to the evolution.

  6. Sean says:

    I personally just browse through the website to learn about tools that I have never heard of. The best ones are the truly obscure would never use in my lifetime and the similarly obscure practical ones that I would use all the time if I knew they existed.

  7. JSF says:

    I think the forums would be a great source of information. I would suggest a format similar to ArsTechnica.com. All but the admin sections are open for all to read. Most forum sections allow all registered users to post. With a couple sections limited to subscribers for posting, while everyone else can only read them. I would gladly subscribe for say $25 a year to support a forum.

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