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Right now Lee Valley has their Precision Pen Oiler pen on clearance for $5.00.

From the photos, it appears to be the Empire 2776 Precision Oiler that was covered before at a price of $8.00. It’s of much better construction that the usual plastic tube pin oilers and looks like a useful item for tiny oiling jobs. Push-button action disposes a “drop” at a time (no mention of volume per drop). And it has a sealed cap so you can carry it in your pocket without worrying about spills.

Lee Valley Precision Oiler Pen [leevalley.com]


9 Responses to Dealmonger: Precision Oiler Pen

  1. Ben Granucci says:

    Looks like the General 589 Precision Oiler. I found that this type of oiler dispenses a larger drop than I would normally use in my precision applications. I prefer a syringe with a small diameter needle. I use a 22 gauge I believe. It is much easier to control the volume and flow, and much easier to suck up any excess. You do need a steady hand so that you don’t press too hard and squirt oil everywhere though.

  2. @Ben Granucci:

    I agree with using syringes, I’ve found using small gauge syringes very handy for precision oiling. The only problem is you can’t use them for very long or keep oil in them because the oil degrades the seal and/or the plastic of the syringe itself and they leak.

  3. fred says:

    I’ve gotten allergy shots for years – use 26 or 27 ga tubercullin syringes (BD brand) that work great for light oil

  4. george says:

    i like the idea of syringes but most times my General oiler works just fine.

  5. MeasureOnceCutTwice says:

    I have a precision glass syringe with an all metal needle (tip ground blunt) that works great – no issue with the rubber/plastic/oil mix, and even better, no friction or sticky starts that can lead to spurts of oil. Inherited it from my Dad.

  6. Kris says:

    Many years ago my boss had a couple of metal syringes that he said he got from a veterinarian for pinpoint application of oil and grease. I have seen them since on eBay for ~ $10.

  7. UK2TX2CA says:

    I have both the Lee Valley and General 589 Precision Oiler and there is no comparison so I use the General one for thick oil and the Lee one for things light oils.

  8. ShopMonger says:

    I have a few syringes lying around that I use,,….great for even those bearings with rubber seals, as long as you use a small needle…


  9. Ruth Sylvia says:

    I teach a class using this wonderful Metal Oiler.
    The drop is the correct amount for oiling the Featherweight sewing machine, 221. A precision machine portable with metal parts. Oil is the cushion needed to keep this machine in tip top condition. Less wesr on the metal parts.
    These machines made in 1933 thru the 60tys. Quilters treasure this machine. We also learn how to care for them. Clean and oil. This Oiler pen is the best ever.
    Monday morning I will place an order at this clearance price. I am also very sorry you will not have this item any longer. Where will I go now?

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