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Right now Cabela’s has the Super Siphon hose for only $4.99.

The Super Siphon seems like a great idea. It’s a 6′ hose (although Cabela’s doesn’t give that figure, other sites do) with a check valve at one end. You drop it repeatedly into the source container and the check valve allows fluid to go into the hose but not come out. You repeat until the liquid gets to the point that it starts siphoning. PU-Products has a showing the action (their price is $10.00). There seem to be other variations on this product such as the “Shaker Siphon” and other name variations.

Has anyone used one of these, and what was your opinion of it?

Super Siphon [Cabelas.com]


9 Responses to Dealmonger: Super Siphon Hose

  1. MarkF says:

    I have one. (not sure of the brand, but they all seem identical) It works reasonably well, especially if the fluid you are siphoning is something you wouldn’t suck on a hose for, or you can’t (or don’t want to) dunk the entire hose. If there is any “trash” in the fluid (saw dust in my case) the check valve clogs quickly. Otherwise they seem to work as advertised.
    I recall paying about $7 at a motorcycle shop for mine.

  2. BigEdJr says:

    I had an old friend who had a small farm. He carried a large drum of Diesel in hte back his truck and used a smaller version of one of these to siphon the gas into his tractor. He had added his own length of hose to make it longer.

    It was pretty cool, he would just drop it into the drum and put the other end in the tank, then shake it a fwe times and the diesel would start flowing.

    HF sells one, but I don’t know the price.

  3. Jaxx says:

    Tut this would be great for filling gearboxes and diffs, shame theres nothing this size for sale in england at the moment.

  4. Gough says:

    Watch growers setting siphon tubes for irrigation and you’ll realize that you don’t need a check valve. I’ve watched them start down the edge of an irrigation ditch with an armload of the tubes and set them so fast that they hardly break stride. They dip one end of the tube in the ditch, shake it quickly several times, and drop the other end in the furrow. What you don’t see is the well-practiced use of their thumb at the critical times to hold the water in the tube.

  5. bajajoaquin says:

    “Well practiced” is the operative word there. I would use this occasionally, when I need to siphon gas or similar fluids. I’m not likely to be siphoning things often enough to get well practiced.

    Guys on the Expedition Portal forum swear by these.

  6. Bob says:

    I got one for racking beer from the fermenter for bottling/kegging. It works well and is easy to clean/sanitize.

  7. Brau says:

    A word to the the wise:

    If you are using one of these, be sure to do it in the open where people can easily see what you are doing, lest they call the cops on you for doing something they think you should not.

  8. David says:

    Have purchased a couple of them over the last 10 years from CTC. Usually around $10 CDN They have been used for siphoning water from aquariums for cleaning, bottling wine, filling tractors with diesel, ATV and genirators with gas. Virtually eliminates spilling of fuel on hands, ground, clothes etc. Only caution is the removing the check value portion of the hose from the source before liquid overfills. Only drawback is that hose does not remain flexible in the cold -10

  9. afam says:

    Can someone please tell me who the supplier of this product is? thanks

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