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Big Foot Tool’s Stand-Up Bolt Hole Marker allows you to mark the location of bolts on plates quickly.  Once you’ve dialed the correct bolt size and lined up the plate next to the bolts, you simply push the tool against the bolt and hit the spring-loaded plunger with a hammer to mark each bolt.

The bolt marker has a bolt size dial for 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, and 1- 1/4″ bolts on each end; one end is used for 2×4 plates and the other for 2×6 plates. It retails for $33 at DHC Supplies, plus an extra $10 for shipping.

Stand-Up Bolt Hole Marker [Big Foot Tools]
Stand-Up Bolt Hole Marker [DHC Supplies]

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8 Responses to Stand-Up Bolt Hole Marker

  1. Gordon DeWitte says:

    On one of the Habitat for Humanity builds I was on, the contractor just placed the plate on top of the bolts, gave it a whack or two with his hammer, and had nice indentations for bolt location.

  2. Jerry says:

    Gordon mentions the method that I have used for years as well as what I see most contractors do. No special to buy or to keep track of. Nor do you have to run back to the truck to get it. Lay the plate on the bolts where you want it to end up, give a quick whack with the hammer, flip it over and drill. This actually seems like what you do with this tool – line up the bolt and whack with a hammer.

  3. fred says:

    We love our Bigfoot saws (on Skil 77’s) – but this tool is probably a bit more gimmick than value. It is also probaly easy enough to make one – and I may have actually seen the idea in an old Fine Homebuilding magazine.
    We tried a Hanson product:


    Bought one – and didn’t get requests for more.

  4. paganwonder says:

    With all the earthquake and wind codes being enforced out here in the west the hardware requirements are getting pretty crazy- there have been times I am tempted to make a version of this, but am so accustomed to using my framing square for lay-out that I just end up using it instead. Maybe when I win the lottery and only do framing for fun…

  5. Jim says:

    Man, what a long week. I had to read the title three times before I saw Stand Up Bolt Hole Marker and not Stand Up Butt Hole Marker. Looking at the picture I thought, what do you do, hit it and it swings up between your legs?.. and why would you?

  6. Not sure what happened to the post, but that’s not the right picture. That’s the hand held bolt hole marker.

    Follow the DHC Supplies link or http://www.dhcsupplies.com/store/p/685-Big-Foot-Standup-Bolt-Marker.html for the correct picture.

  7. mr. man says:

    Thought the male model should have used a $200 hammer in the demo pic.

  8. Tom MCGrew says:

    We used to make for ourselves ( back then we made “hammers” from a plumb axe and a vaughn hammer too) a tool like the Big-Foot-Standup-Bolt-Marker only not nearly as well made or as easy to use. On the ground floor of say a 3 story apartment bldg, and keep in mind there would be 30 bldgs, my partner and i would string the plate all at one time. Then i would use our “bolt knocker” to mark holes and he would come behind with a 1/2 drill motor and a long auger bit and drill the holes without bending over. You just drop the “screw” into the dimple, hit the trigger to pick it and hold between your feet, drill the hole in a flash and go on to the next …… back in the early 70’s a lot o’ guys like us were makin’ $250.00 a day + on plate / detail gigs. Man, when i had that money, where were all these cool tools?

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