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Are you still mopping the garage floor with the mop rejected from the kitchen last year? If so, upgrading to the pro’s solution — a nice rolling mop bucket and wringer — makes the whole process a lot easier. And unlike upgrading to the latest table saw or knee mill, it’s pretty easy on the wallet.

Of course you can get by with a bucket and crappy mop. But you’ll save a bend-down-to-pick-up-the-bucket rep every time you move. And by pairing this with a good ‘ole standard mop you’ll save yourself the indignity of sticking your hands in the moist remains of floor nasty in order to repair the kitchen-style self-wringing mop. And when you’re done, just stick the whole thing in the corner — or out in the shed if you have one.

The Rubbermaid rig pictured above runs $54 from ACE right now, though you can find a similar deal (or even better) all over locally. For the best deal check out your local restaurant supply store. Not surprisingly, restaurants need a lot of these, and the fact that they’re notably cheap-minded when it comes to things that don’t draw customers or save cash works in your favor.

Combo Mop Wringer/Bucket [ACE]
Other Sources [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to Spring Cleaning: The Pro Gear

  1. bdstevens says:

    I recently bought a setup like this from Sam’s. Similar bucket but with a removable wringer was $40, and the mop handle with replaceable cotton mop head was about $8-10. Makes pretty easy work of mopping up months’ worth of grime from snow ladden roads on an epoxied floor…

  2. rqr says:

    Not that you would to mop your garage, but for everyday heavy mopping the removable wringer is better since the spring assembly can break after some use.

  3. fred says:

    A dirty water pail (an optional insert) also helps with some rigs.
    We often use sweeoing compound then follow with a mop up at the end of the day on some jobs where dust is a big issue.

  4. Old Coot says:

    Who cares about what they use…just tell wifey to get out there and clean things up.
    *ducks several flying frying pans*

  5. shopmonger says:

    HAAA HAA HAAA Old coot i love it but that does not bode well with the sign above my Shop…. Enter the SAC at your own risk (Spousal Avoidance Center)

    But as for the rigs, I love them for shop clean up, especially metal shavings…..


  6. AggieMike says:

    These are tho only way to go when moping a floor. Makes the whole process way easier. You actually clean the floor rather than moving the mess around with one of those sponge mops.

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