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Looking around for a replacement for my old, worn whisk broom I settled on a few parameters. The replacement should be of broom corn, not plastic, and the sewing should be three, not two, rows of stitching. This led me to two possible candidates: the Harper Brush 338 (pictured above) and the Weiler 44266 (.pdf) The best deal on the Harper Brush is $6.69 from Restockit, and on the Weiler $5.48 from Paintstore.com. That said, I’ll likely hunt around my local stores to avoid shipping. Either brush should be heavy duty enough to deal with the metal chips and other heavy, oily messes I generate in my shop.

Harper Brush 338 [restockit.com]
Weiler 42266 [paintstore.com]


One Response to Dealmonger: “3 Sew” Whisk Broom

  1. mr. man says:

    These things still made by the blind? just curious

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