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One of the benefits of owning a GM truck or SUV with a 350 under the hood: the alternator isn’t buried behind or under the engine. (We’re looking at you, Porsche.) It’s right up top — right in your face. And that also makes it second only to chrome valve covers in terms of cheap but effective dress-up purchases.

This is doubly true if you happen to find yourself with a bum alternator. The 100 A model pictured above will directly bolt in to replace any GM alternator from 1965 to 1986 — yeah, those GM engineers love the status quo — and’ll set you back just $100. That sounds like a lot, but take out the $80 or so you’ll pay for a plain Jane alternator, and the cheap ‘n pretty economics become clear.

It’s available from Eastwood right now, but don’t rush to buy. Unless, of course, the prom’s tonight. You can find these from all sorts of sources for similar money — probably even somewhere local.

Chrome Plated GM Alternator [Eastwood]
Other Sources [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Take Your 350 To The Prom

  1. Randy says:

    My dad builds/rebuilds starters and alternators. He sells these and they are very popular with the classic car crowd.

  2. Chris W says:

    Very shiny. I’d rather spend the money on a better alternator considering the stories I have heard about the quality of rebuilt ones.

  3. ambush says:

    The quality of reman/rebuild parts depends nearly entirely on who rebuilt it. If you buy from a reputable dealer you are likely to get a quality part probably even with a warranty.

  4. shopmonger says:

    Yeah, I worked in the automotive aftermarket industry for a long time. the rebuilt ones are still the best……OH an by the way good luck finding one that is new….they are almost all rebuilt… even the ones from the dealer. Besides on some of the rebuilts the only thing used is the casting….some have new windings, new stator, new controller, new bearings ect….. So why not, besides you can get the rebuilt ones with higher amp output so it does not have to pull at 100% as often. I think i like the powder coated ones better, because i think they dissipate heat better. Although the chrome will be shiny which will get some going…… Gotta love shiny.


  5. ChromeWontGetYouHome says:

    This has been a major debate among some IEEE types I know…that chrome alternators often overheat, because it doesn’t allow for the same amount of heat to transfer out.

    There’s also a number of polished aluminum alternators out there, apparently for this reason.

    Another point worth considering, especially on most SBCs is the idea of upgrading to a police package alternator, if possible. They run more amps (140-160) and at a much lower RPM than the standard ones, and from what I’ve seen, last a bit longer too.

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