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I’m not sure I’d recommend buying this garden tool because it seems to be available only from Italy, and the shipping will probably be a bit high, but it does seem like a good idea. The L’Aprisacco (literally, “open sac”) is an injected polypropylene rim that fits on “a standard 24 mm wood broom stick” (not included “for shipping reasons”) with an elastic fastener that fits 33-gallon and larger lawn and leaf bags (as shown above).

You then, as shown below, rake your leaves into long strips, or “big heaps,” sweep them into the bag attached to the L’Aprisacco, with an occasional pause to stamp them down with your foot. After a few sweeps and stamps, you soon have “more than three wheelbarrows full of leaves” in the bag. All this for a few measly euros — actually 24.99€, or $34.88 at the current exchange rate — but you have to supply your own standard 24 mm broom stick.

If all the Toolmongers would chip in and send me to Italy, I promise to do an extensive hands-on review. It should only take me a month or two…

L’Aprisacco [Manufacturer’s Site]

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5 Responses to L’Aprisacco

  1. Bill says:

    I’ve made similar rigs with pallet strapping and a branch.

  2. Chris S. says:

    so its a pool skimmer with a band to attach a garbage bag to it…

  3. Bill Clay says:

    Lee Valley has something similar, sans handle connector. Costs less too.


  4. john arsenault says:

    We have a similar product in Canada called the “Magic Ring.” It’s plastic and with compostable paper leaf bags. I have one and love it.


  5. Erik P says:

    I just put the bag in a appropriate sized garbage can and wrap a bungee cord around the top.

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