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The Make blog notes this portable wooden CNC machine made by Nick Santillan. Nick wanted to experiment with CNC technology without the expense of outsourcing the jobs. He researched building his own and ordered some DIY plans, but, after nearly completing it, decided it was not up to his expectations. After more research and the purchase of better bearings, slides, and so on, he designed and built the wood-framed CNC machine shown above.

Nick’s machine has three main parts (shown below) that allow quick assembly and disassembly, easy transport, and storage in a smaller space. His design has a moving gantry with an open table so the CNC can directly engrave or mill the surface if desired (i.e., by bolting the CNC to a table or wall, you could mill that table or wall). The removable tool holder, which currently holds a plunge router, can be customized for almost any tool — lasers, anybody?

3-Axis CNC Machine [Manufacturer’s Site]


6 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Portable Wooden CNC Machine

  1. Old Coot says:

    Just wish that Mr. Santillan was my neighbor; I’d love to watch him do this stuff.

  2. Michael says:

    I clicked on the link (manuf site) but it took me to the builders web page.
    Where can you buy the plans, bearings, etc to make this??

    Looks cool.

  3. brian says:

    Nice machine. I built the JGRO design of the CNC machine last year. It works well enough, but I’ve always wished that i had built something that could break down into smaller pieces. The JGRO is massive.

    @Michael – if you are interested in a starter CNC machine (to perhaps springboard you to something like the one featured in this post) look for the JGRO drawings which are available online (for free).

  4. Ricardo E Rodriguez says:


  5. Robert Aitchison says:

    Lovely machine, any chance you’d be willing to part with a set of plans?

  6. Carlos Ortiz says:

    I am interested in cnc machine, You can help me?

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