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While canned air works great for removing dust from electronics and is very portable, it has its downsides — it’s expensive, and if you use it for more than short bursts it can freeze and stop spraying until it warms up again. Metro Vacuum claims there DataVac Shuttle vacuum/blower can replace those cans of air relatively cheaply.

The 8oz Shuttle uses rechargeable batteries to operate for 40 minutes, or it can be plugged into the AC adapter if the batteries are dead. Measuring less than 7″ long, Metro claims the vacuum/blower is powerful enough to “clean dust and dirt from computers and office equipment.”

The Shuttle comes with the charging station, four rechargeable batteries, 110V AC adapter, micro extension tool, micro dust brush, and blower adapter. You can find the little vacuum/blower for as little as $20.

DVR-1 [Metro Vacuum]
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15 Responses to Is This Little Vacuum A Canned Air Replacement?

  1. joey says:

    I think Consumer Reports tested this type of item a while ago, and said they didn’t work very well. Definitely not worth the money.

  2. techieman33 says:

    those little mini vacuum things are always terrible.

  3. Kai Howells says:

    These little units are generally so limited by their suction power (or severe lack thereof) that they’re useless. Even larger “Dustbuster” sized units are pretty pathetic with their suction power.

    Canned air is far better as in general it’s easier to blow dust away than it is to suck it up with a vacuum.

  4. browndog77 says:

    Vacuuming is far better than blowing where dust & electronics are concerned, but something that small will not produce enough suction to be effective. There are plenty of attachments for larger vacs that work well on keyboards & the like.
    The problem w/ pressurized air is it can force dust & lint into the case behind the buttons. Keyboards have a water dam under the keys with an opening on top. Air could force stuff into those openings. This I learned from my A-Plus instructor

  5. Mrten says:

    Canned air removes more dust than vacuuming ever will, especially ‘stuck’ dust on electronics. Just take what you’re cleaning outside.

    Another downside: vacuuming builds static electricity (especially when the air is dry), which can easily destroy sensitive electronics.

  6. David Bryan says:

    It won’t do much for cooling a component.

  7. Scott says:

    A five cubic foot tank, a few dollars worth of brass fittings from from Harbor freight, and a blow-gun nozzle. Fill it up at my compressor and I am ready to go. At $6.00-$7.00 a can it pays for itself pretty fast.

  8. Mister Peepers says:

    For keyboard gunge, just invert the keyboard, and shake. Anything that doesn’t come out using gravity, won’t be removed by a dodgy play-vacuum.

  9. Cameron Watt says:

    I use old paintbrushes to help out with this sort of work.

  10. shopmonger says:

    I use an attachment for my 15 gallon shop Vac………great piece of gear that really pulls some crap-o-la out of the keyboards.

  11. browndog77 says:

    The static charge problem should be dealt with in the same way as when working on any electronic device, by grounding your body and touching the case while working. That is simple elec101. I wouldn’t want to carry everything that needed cleaning outside! It’s not just keyboards we’re talking about. If you have pets, open the case on your desktop pc & you’ll see why air is not the answer.

  12. Mark says:

    Metro also makes the plug-in DataVac Electric Duster, which is a blower only with no vacuum. I suspect it is powerful enough to actually do some good.

    There is also the even more powerful Airforce Blaster Sidekick.

    Both more expensive than the Shuttle above or the compressor and air tank Scott mentions.

  13. lens42 says:

    I got an adapter from Micromark that lets you use a large vac for small jobs:


    Though the skinny hose can get blocked pretty easily, I still find it pretty handy, and of course you then have LOTS of power with a full size vac.

  14. Randy says:

    hello… i had bought 1 of these a few yrs ago for $20.00. for 20 bucks….. u cant beat this deal with a ballbat… works great… comes with an extra bag and a micro brush… and a wedge nozzel. i would highly reccomend this to anybody. thanks for a great product !!!!

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