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Ideal’s benchtop laser wire stripper will, without blades or heating, perfectly strip insulation from most wires and cables in less than a second. Its 10W CO2 laser can strip wires as small as .005″ to as large as .150″ in diameter.

The Wiremaster’s laser head rotates around the wire to give you a 360° cut. The laser light vaporizes the insulation while it bounces harmlessly off the wire. The Wiremaster I can strip up to 1″ of insulation, while the Wiremaster II can strip up to 6″ of insulation and even slit the insulation along its length or spiral cut it for easier removal.

The Wiremaster II weighs 103 lbs and measures 14.5″ wide by 13″ high by 28″ long. The Wiremaster I is a little shorter and lighter. Compressed air or nitrogen is required for operation of both strippers but the Wiremaster II also requires a vacuum line — presumably to remove the vaporized insulation — while using one is optional on the Wiremaster I.

No information on pricing is posted, so you’ll have to contact Ideal directly if you’re interested in their benchtop laser wire stripper.

Wire Stripper [Ideal]

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  1. PutnamEco says:

    I’ll be really impressed when I can purchase one of these in the cordless pocket size version.

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