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Our long-time friends over at Miller Electric dropped us a line to let us know that they’re placing their sponsorship bucks behind a new Discovery build show: Motor City Motors. Here’s the elevator speech:

“The show follows Dave and James Kaye, a.k.a. The Detroit Brothers, as they showcase Detroit’s finest metalworking specialists in a five day contest to transform an old vehicle into something unique and powerful. Each team is equipped with Miller welding, cutting, and fume extraction equipment to complete the challenge in five days.”

Winners will receive a bonanza of badass Miller gear, including a Millermatic 211 Auto-Set MIG or Diversion 165 TIG package (winner’s choice), a Miller welding helmet, welding gloves, and a combo jacket. (Honestly we’re envious of the jacket. We don’t have one in the TM shop, so we’ve just been burning through denim shirts one after another.)

At any rate, if you want to give the Detroit Brothers and their new weld-centric shop show a try, Motor City Motors airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST/PST and 9 p.m. CST. This Monday it looks like they’re building motorcycle boats. Maybe they’ll watch the Top Gear Vietnam special as research.

Motor City Motors [Corporate Site, Warning: Video]


12 Responses to The Next Monster Garage?

  1. jack says:

    This show was terrible.I could barely sit through the whole show. The human interaction was so corny and scripted it was sickening. I saw the pot-hole vehicle episode and it was a total mess. What they ended up with is a piece of junk that barely functioned at all. The Detroit Bros need to go back to building those overpriced, guady choppers that have fallen out of popularity.

  2. Toolhearty says:

    I only wish I had a shop the size of the one in the photo.

    Motorcycle boat? WTH?

    (that is all)

  3. Gerard says:

    I watched the hampster wheel ford festiva episode. Not bad, obviously a monster garage clone. I think discovery channel realized that’s the best show they ever had, besides mythbusters. The show needs Thom Beers back as the annoucer though, and it needs more Jesse. The “engineer” brother is tolerable, but the “artist” brother is a total dope.

    “Yea bro Im gonna make this thing so sick with my axe whirly gig that adds nothing to the project! But its ‘dangerous’ so its coool! YEAAHHHH!”

  4. John says:

    Fail. Nice shop, good tools. The scripted “drama” is hellacious, and the shit they build is pretty lame. I am all for a show like this, rather like Monster Garage. At least they attempted it, but it wont be a shocker when it gets canceled. Howe and Howe Tech on the other hand is a pretty bad ass show!

  5. jeffrey immer says:

    howe and howe tech is by far better, i’m surprised this show is still on the air, it’s absolutely horrible. and yes the artist brother is useless

  6. Old Coot says:

    What most others have said…it sucks.

  7. Coach James says:

    I haven’t see it yet, but if it has the screaming announcer and building “eexxtttrrrreeemmmeee” stuff like Monster Garage, I think I’ll pass.

  8. Abe says:

    This truly is lame. I watched the show for a few minutes and that’s all I could take. As others have said it is a rehash of Monster Garage but even more scripted and with poor quality talent. This show will not last.

  9. Adam R says:

    The quality of the show is not as important to the producers or the network. How cheaply it can be put to air and how many advertising dollars can be raked in are. If the show covers the costs by product placement and advertising dollars are still being spent in the time slot then they show will continue. How else can you explain most of what is on TV right now. How many shows do we need like How it’s Made, Factory Made, How it works…all that use the same footage?

    American Chopper stays on the air for the same reason, it is cheap to produce and ad dollars are still spent.

  10. Flabby Boohoo says:

    A complete, blatant ripoff of Monster Garage, with a dash of American Chopper. A complete waste of time… watched the corn combine episode, and decided not to watch another.

    Also, Howe And Howe tech sucks. I would really like one of these shows to focus on the build, and less about the manufactured drama and little field trips that the cast goes on.

  11. Chris says:

    @Adam R: keep in mind that advertisers won’t bother if a show’s ratings are terrible. If TV viewers vote with their remotes, the show will disappear pretty fast.


  12. brew says:

    Yup, I agree. Terrible show. I saw all the previews and decided to get a season pass on the tivo. Needless to say, after watching about an episode and a half, I canceled the season pass.

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