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Matco Tools announced an addition to their tool cart line today, pictured above. Besides its “distinctive look,” features include bar magnets inside the lid to hold commonly-needed (and presumably ferrous) tools, magnetic door closures, a molded tool organizer, and two cup holders.

Matco continues the “car hood” theme with a gas piston raised top and a center-mounted hood ornament. And don’t forget the racing stripes.

We have no idea regarding pricing, but to purchase you’ll need to talk to your local distributor anyway.

Matco Tools [Website]


6 Responses to MATCO Tools’ New Service Cart

  1. Toolhearty says:

    …and two cup holders.

    The Asians and Europeans might be kicking our collective butt in a lot of areas, but the U.S.A. still leads the world in cupholder technology.

  2. george says:

    as a former shop owner, i hated all the drink cups and spills around the shop. i had to lay down the law. one drink at the tool box/work table only. trash to be thrown away immediately. dried sticky soda is a real pain. not a great idea.

  3. Harry says:

    Gee, I thought the cup holders were for spray cans….

  4. Cameron Watt says:

    No cup holders in my BMW…and two cup holders on a service cart…one for coffee…one for a cuspidor?

    I don’t get the idea of service carts. I’ve seen similar carts set up as specialized, portable work stations in plants for production, but not maintenance; we had toolboxes.

    How useful are they in a garage? I have a nice, sturdy metal cart that has trays at the top and bottom; it’s versatile and durable and I wouldn’t want anything else.

  5. richard says:

    they start off at 899 and you can add up to three additional drawers its very nice holds pry bars on the side and doors swing completely back for easy acess.

  6. donald says:

    As an established mechanic or just a beginner a properly set up service cart can make routine jobs easier and more organized (brake jobs, oil changes) as all your specific needs are addressed by a box that goes with you. I agree i prefer my full size box but it does make brake jobs better as your tools go back to where they belong in between wheels rather than jumbled up together or set on a lift. Also it helps the new guys keep track of their tools right away as opposed to throwing them on their side box and realizing at the end of the day a customers car still has a wrench on the a arm or a bungee cord on the coils. Just my 2 cents.

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