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One thing we all expect from LED lighting is cooler running — which is true of these Rockler models, too. But the CPSC reports they’ve got some wiring issues, too. About 2,200 LED light kits distributed by woodworking giant Rockler are on the recall list due to “defective wiring that can cause the battery pack to overheat and explode, posing a risk of burn and fire hazards to consumers.”

The affected models include Rockler LED lights “with either an interchangeable spotlight head or a magnifying head.” (The magnifying version is pictured above.) You’ll find stock numbers on the lights’ packaging, and you’re looking for either 26429 (the spotlight) or 27017 (the magnifying version). If you have one, immediately stop using it and contact Rockler at (800) 260-9663 for a free repair kit and installation instructions.

LED Light Recall [CPSC]


2 Responses to Rockler Recalls LED Light Kits

  1. fred says:

    I have 2 in my shop – purchased in December of 2008.
    Rockler says that these are fine – its one bought in March of 2009

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