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Veritas’ new Bench Blades use a cam that can apply up to 300 lbs of clamping force to keep your latest project from moving around the bench. Fitting into most 3/4″ dog holes, these modified bench dogs only extend 1/4″ above the bench surface so they won’t get in the way of your tools.

The cam lever and the sliding jaw are both made from cast steel and are heat treated. The lever moves the sliding jaw up to 1/4″, and the jaw face is cast so that the upper edge contacts the workpiece before the lower edge to help prevent the workpiece from lifting off the bench.

The Bench Blades come in two breeds. The first uses a standard 3/4″ diameter by 1-7/8″ post, while the second employs a wedge-locking mechanism to keep the dog from coming out of the hole. The wedge lock also can be used in shallower blind dog holes that are only 1-3/8″ deep. Both post styles are made from turned steel.

Made in Canada, the Bench Blades run $18 for the standard dog and $23 for the wedge lock dog.

Bench Blade [Lee Valley]

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2 Responses to More Accessories For Your Dog Holes

  1. fritz gorbach says:

    There are so many cool holddowns and clamps I want for my bench…except I cant find the time to make the bench. I have a door on sawhorses down the middle of the shop, an 8 ft folding table on one side, and an old dresser I put on wheels and a workmate on the other.

  2. paganwonder says:

    @fritz- I make most of my income on jobsite benches/tables such as you describe, they have to break-down to fit in the trailer. I have a VERY nice workbench in the shop which seems to spend most of it’s time holding a coffee cup while I search for odd bits of hardware etc.

    Workbench discussions always remind me of “Run what ya brung” races in High School- still a ton of fun even if you didn’t have the coolest car out there.

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