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When routing profiles, often you need to adjust the fence in tiny increments to get the look just right, or you want to run one last finishing pass taking off a sliver of material to get rid of fuzz or burn marks.  Rockler’s new micro adjuster for router table fences lets you do both operations more precisely than bumping the fence with your hand.

An integral clamp attaches the micro adjuster to the table. A finely threaded screw passes through the micro adjuster and allows you to precisely control the distance between the micro adjuster body and the router table fence. To allow the micro adjuster to pull as well as push the fence, you can place the included rare earth magnet on the end of the screw to attract a tab that fits into a T-track mounted to the top of the fence.

The Router Table Micro Adjuster runs $20 at Rockler.

Micro Adjuster [Rockler]

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4 Responses to Precision Router Table Fence Adjustment

  1. fred says:

    I’m no expert on router tables (we use a pair of shapers) – but if this pushes on only 1 edge of the fence – wouldn’t it have a tendency to rack it out of square?

  2. @fred:

    Assuming you mean out of square in the horizontal plane, yes, but it’s not like you need to keep the fence parallel to a blade like on a table saw. For most operations it’s the distance the bit sticks out from the fence that matters.

  3. Matt says:

    I need one of these for my shopsmith. Self-squaring fence but nudging it back and forth is a PITA.

  4. ShopMonger says:

    Matt for a shop smith, you need to go get a cheap mag lock, then put a fine threaded rod through it…..use it to easily push the fence, i suggest puting large block on the end of the threaded rod….. If you need a diagram Em-mail me at ShopMonger@gmail.com


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