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A friend sent me a link to a Russian shooting blog that had an entry on a visit to Master Nijazi Ibragimov’s workshop in Lviv, Ukraine. The Picasa album shows many things of interest to the Toolmonger, notably the disarray on the floor, the lack of many power tools (check out the D-handle drill in the drill press fixture), and the techniques he uses with wood chisels. Many of the tools are recognizable but slightly different from what we’re used to, like the large aluminum c-clamps, the buffer (with bolts proud of the body that hold the end caps on) and the small vise on one bench. It seems that most of the work he does involves pistol grips which are a mixture of sculpture and precision. It’s an interesting trip to the other side of the world!

See all the pictures here: Master Nijazi Bilyalovich Ibragimov’s Shop


7 Responses to Inside A Master Gunsmith’s Shop

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Some of his power tools look like mid 80s Black & Decker, like that D handled drill and that drill press.

  2. Flabby Boohoo says:

    isn’t it amazing that work can be accomplished in such a rat’s nest? What a disorganized mess.

  3. Bob says:

    I’m pretty sure he knows where everything is. 🙂

    Thanks for the view inside his workshop.

  4. David Bryan says:

    A 3-dimensional organization plan unbound by the conventions of rectilinear geometry is often the sign of a creative mind.

  5. Passerby says:

    Flabby Boohoo, a poor worker blames his tools. Are you implying you wouldn’t be able to hamer a nail in such cozy environment? That’s nothing to be poud of, buddy.

  6. Poh says:

    Would like to visit the Gunsmith’s shop too.. how to make a contact, where can i find it?

  7. Fudzy says:

    As a Gunsmith I found these pictures very interesting. I remember a guy saying to me one time he was “surprised how few tools I needed to make top quality guns.” By comparison I have everything a guy could ever want. Its not the tools that do the work, its the workman.

    Next time my wife tells me I have a cluttered shop I will pull up these pictures for her.

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