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Anybody who’s ever left water sitting in their CamelBak or other similar water bags knows how nasty they can get. That’s why it’s important to dry them out if you’re not going to be using them for a while.  Sure, there are drying hangers, both store bought and DIY, but the ZEROGOO claims their hydration bladder dryer works faster and dries them more completely.

Fit the the bladder dryer in the bladder’s fill opening, remove the bite valve, and plug it in. The fan inflates the bladder and forces air out the drinking tube. The constant flow of air removes moisture from all the nooks and crannies of the bladder.

The bladder dryer works on CamelBak’s hydration bladders with either large (newer) and small (older) fill openings. It’ll run you $30.

Bladder Dryer [ZEROGOO]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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11 Responses to Zero Goo In Your Bladder

  1. ToolGuyd says:

    This looks interesting, but I’ve *knock on wood* never encountered any kind of goo or foulness in my bladders after washing them. I’ve found various ways of keeping the mouth open, from spring clips to pinch the bladder open, to using a plastic hanger, and the drying process seems to be rapid enough.

    I don’t know, $30 for each dryer seems to be quite excessive for what you’re actually getting.

  2. Mike says:

    I stuff my bladder with a couple kitchen wisks until it dries out. At $10 I might have thought about buy one. At $30 definitely not.

  3. mr. man says:

    Wow, now I can use my hair dryer and shop vac for their intended purposes.

    Earth to “zero goo”, a few drops of bleach per gallon of water is cheaper.

  4. Toolaremia says:

    $30? Holy crap! Solution looking for a problem. I just stuff a loosely crumpled paper towel in mine and leave it on the kitchen counter for a day. Never a problem.

  5. Yeah, I think this is aimed at the REI crowd, you know the ones who actually pay the outrageous prices for gear then use it one time on a ski trip.

    I’m thinking of rigging up a computer case fan and seeing how that works.

  6. kyle says:

    i would use a shop vac

  7. Tom K says:

    A shop vac would be quite loud.

    I like the idea, though I think I’ll make one of these from one of the many muffin fans I’ve accumulated. I actually rigged something up once, but did not think of actually mounting the fan in the fill opening. Some dense foam cut to shape should work nicely.

  8. The Other Guy says:

    mix some lemon juice with water, rinse out the bladder and store it in the deep freeze. no goo, no muss and it’s easy to remember where you left it.

  9. Alan says:

    This may be a city-folk kind of question, but I’d be tempted to make a point of storing a camel back with water (enough to make the entire interior surface wet).

    I suspect my water is chlorinated and clean enough that it will become _more_ sterile over time rather than less.

    Or this may be another example of my misunderstanding chemistry.

  10. Chris says:

    Alan: That’s how I store mine, and I’ve never had a problem with goo in the pouch or in the tubing/mouthpiece. Our water is similarly overchlorinated :-p


  11. sev says:

    Use a $5 aquarium pump. Much cheaper and does the job well.

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