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This is the Milwaukee Compact Band Saw model 6242-6; it is the awesome. We got to play with one last year at the Milwaukee event but they were not quite ready to ship yet. They’ve been out for a little while now and we’ve seen a few of our friends pick them up — and they have nothing but good things to say about it.

One of the biggest features of the new saw is what’s not there; it’s about half the weight of previous models at a slim and trim 9.5 pounds. That’s less to lift and hold over your head and less to lug around. It also sports a 3-1/4” cut capacity that will keep plumbers and electricians happy.

Other features found on the regular portable band saws like tool-free adjustments, an LED light, a blade ejection system, and cast aluminum case also bring the 6242-6 into the top contender’s bracket. It’s a solid $200 investment considering the grunt you save lugging and hoisting the saw into place, not to mention the space you save in the toolbox. We can’t wait to get our hands on one.

Compact Band Saw Model: 6242-6 [Milwaukee]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to Milwaukee Compact Band Saw

  1. fred says:

    Definitely on our buy-one-to-try-out list.
    We use our Porta-Band and Milwaukee band saws regularly.
    Surprisingly – I have quite a few fans of the Milwaukee 12V Hackzall – even when we first saw it we thought it might be a gimmick – it works very well in tight spots

  2. browndog77 says:

    The hackzall is s very cool tool. I have been using a Bosch I-Driver for a couple of years, and keep hoping they will introduce a small reciprocating saw using the same power packs. As for the mini-band, does the 3 1/4″ capacity preclude using it on 3″ sch 40 PVC? Must be close!

  3. browndog77 says:

    Just found the apparent answer to my own query. The site clearly touts the ability to cut 3″ copper in a single pass, but not a word about sch 40. That is an engineering boo-boo, IMHO.

  4. ShopMonger says:

    So how does this compare to the STOUT?


  5. rob says:

    not sure about the new one
    I’m sure if it is lighter and slightly larger capaicity
    it will be a welcome addition but use the older style
    portaband from Milwaukee all the time and have been debating the makita
    cordless one also possibly getting a stand to make it a sudo stationary
    band saw for making super clean straight cuts and angles

  6. fred says:


    I’m not sure what Porter Cable (Now Stanley-Black & Decker) would say about saying the portaband (the “porta” part was a Porter Cable trademark) was made by Milwaukee (now a TTI company). This is not very surprising though since the trademarks of first-to-market products often become a generic term to the class (Kleenex fo tissues, Xerox for copier machine etc.)
    BTW – we have both Milwaukee and Porter Cable portable band saws – and find that both are good tools. We also have some Porta-Planes and Porta-Nailers – the latter tools having been spun off to a separate company when Rockwell divested Porter Cable.

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