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Including shipping, and assuming you order enough stuff to qualify for Super Saver shipping, Amazon has the best deal on the 4-pack of Black & Decker 79-010-4 Workmate Swivel Grip Pegs at $8.36.

These are the standard dogs that B&D includes with the Workmate, precisely the items that are almost always missing when you buy a used one. I’ve used them to great advantage when holding items for planing and routing. And they’re made of plastic so you can accidentally cut into them without ruining your tool.

As stated above, there are a multitude of deals out there on the internet, but all exceed Amazon’s price when you include shipping. Second best is Ace Hardware on Amazon [What’s This?], $10.60 including shipping, if these are all you’re ordering,

Via Amazon [What’s This?]


12 Responses to Dealmonger: Black & Decker Workmate Swivel Grip Pegs

  1. Bob in Illinois says:

    I made my own Workmate pegs by boring a hole in a rectangular piece of wood and gluing a short dowel in the hole.

  2. BigEdJr says:

    I miss the Black & Decker Outlets. Once I saw a special for these: $5 for as many as you could fit in your hand… Sales guy said one person was able to fit 20+ in his hand. I wish I had taken advantage of that.

  3. BarelyFitz says:

    I’d like to find a source for those parts that connect the tabletop to the bench. I have this fantasy of building little tabletops for my bench tools, so I can lock them onto the Workmate.

  4. KMR says:


    The B&D outlets are still around. THere is one in the Carousel Mall in Syracuse – was just in there last night. They had these pegs in bags, don’t remember the price or quantity per bag. This could have been just a temp B&D store for the holiday period.

    There is a larger (pemanent) B&D outlet about 45 minutes away in Waterloo NY also…

  5. BigEdJr says:


    After reading your post I looked at the B&D website. Looks like they’re still going strong on the east coast, but most of the shops out here in the west are gone…bummer.


  6. olderthanyou says:

    I wonder if these will work with the Lowes TASK FORCE knock off I bought on Black Friday. If anybody knows please say so in these responses. By the way, I know it’s not the same quality as the B&D but for approx 15 bucks it will do a damn good job.

  7. russ says:

    BigEdJr – RE: your link. Isn’t is amazing the map shows one around SF but below the map there are no outlets listed in the state of CA?

  8. mike says:

    Hey BarelyFitz, check out http://tinyurl.com/y96vjr9 for parts to workmates. Looks like the table mount blocks are $3.50 each.

  9. BarelyFitz says:

    @mike: thanks for the link. maybe I’ll give it a try and report back on success or failure.

  10. Bentfellow says:

    The above comments are a bit dated, but I would like to find out the exact diameter of the swivel pegs currently sold. I have an old (VERY old and heavy!) B&D Workmate with several of the pegs. They are an odd size–about 20mm or 25/32.” I am building a workbench and need benchdogs–I would get more of these if the size is the same. Does anyone have new ones and can advise me of the size…thanks

  11. PutnamEco says:

    Bentfellow says:
    I would get more of these if the size is the same.

    I have many generations of Workmates, they all use the same size peg, from the original to the model that they produce today. The later models stand taller from the work surface than the originals, but they all will mount in the same hole.

  12. Bentfellow says:

    Thanks PutnamEco…you saved me a lot of time–love the internet!

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