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There are certain things Toolmongers can expect of a new year, and one of them is IBS. That’s right, one of the largest builder and tool expos takes place in Vegas every year around this time.

Last year over 60,000 people flooded the gates of the IBS show to get at around 1,500 exhibitors set up in the Las Vegas Convention Center and this year is set up to be around the same.

Last year was, of course, a miserable year for builders and construction in general on the housing side of the market; however, commercial build and remodel tried to stop the gap some. The question is, “What does that mean for the Builders Show this year?” The answer can be found January 19-22, 2010, in Vegas.

International Builders Show [Website]


3 Responses to Events: IBS 2010

  1. heywood j says:

    yeah, sometimes I get Irritable Builder Syndrome after the first of the year…it’s still better than Irritable Bowel Syndrome tho 😉

  2. Kris says:

    Let’s see…if I wanted to go to this right now, since I’m not a NAHB member and did not register early, it would cost me $125 to go to this show without any workshops…to have the vendors try to sell me stuff?

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  3. Browse says:

    From the list of exhibitors, it looks like many of the big players are opting out this year. I can find only one major/professional power tool company, and even Home Depot(!) isn’t listed. Disappointing for true fellow “Toolmongers”.

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