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I was searching the Internet the other day for information on forming leather pump cups (related to my airgun obsession) and found the Classic Camp Stoves forum. The forum is dedicated to the restoration and collection of classic camping stoves and has a subforum on practical repair (“fettling”). There are many excellent pictorial postings explaining exactly how to disassemble, repair, make, polish, etc. old camping stoves. The post on making leather cups was quite helpful to me. Unfortunately I threw out my 50’s vintage gas stove over a decade ago and I now regret it, as I could have gotten it back into working condition based on the information presented. It was also nice to find a hobby narrower than my own.

Classic Camp Stoves Forum


2 Responses to Camp Stove Repair

  1. Gough says:

    This site had lots of information on one of my old stoves, a Phoebus #625. We nick-named it “the bomb” for its unfortunate tendency to burst into flames inside the tent on winter climbs. We even had the routine worked out where one of us would hold open the flaps the tent while the other picked it up and threw it outside. Maybe this site can show me how to fix that problem. OTOH, the site also says that these stoves are highly sought after in Japan.

  2. PutnamEco says:

    Dutch stove collectors (.nl) is another you may find interesting. they have a good links page. There is also a rabid bunch of collectors who favor gas lamps, not to mention the kerosene lamp crowd.
    Have to love the internet. No matter how much you think your into something you can always find some one who is more into it and already has a website. And I won’t even mention rule 34.

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