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There’s a neat YouTube video referenced on the Make blog showing a Jackson Lumber 3-Saw Vertical Edger in operation. A “lumber’s eye” view of a 3-saw edger is shown in the picture above: lots of heavy-duty exposed saw blades with an enclosure for the operator. I really liked watching those blades ripping through a large log, and then doing it all over again after the log is rotated. It would be kind of cool to have a 3-saw vertical edger in the garage — yup, that’s my 3-saw edger over there in the corner, behind the Bessemer converter — but the neighbors would probably complain about the noise.

How Lumber is Made [Make Online]
Jackson Lumber 3-Saw Vertical Edger at Work [YouTube]
Jackson Lumber Harvester [Manufacturer’s Site]

2 Responses to A Good Watch: 3-Saw Edger Video

  1. Chris W says:

    Let the neighbors complain. I’ll give up my 3 saw edger when they pry my two fingers off it!

  2. SharkBreath says:

    That’s one impressive saw.

    I’ll trade the wife for one.

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