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(TV Tonight, Monday, January 4th, 2010) New episodes of Mythbusters and Motor City Motors gets the week off to a good start!

All times are central

  • MythBusters: Seasickness: Kill or Cure (Discovery, 5:00 pm)
  • Trains & Locomotives (RFD-TV, 5:00 pm)
  • MythBusters: Shooting Fish in a Barrel (Discovery, 6:00 pm)
  • Ask This Old House: Collapsing Garage Roof, Installing a Dry Well (DIY, 6:30 pm)
  • Top Gear: Season 10 Ep. 9 (BBC America, 7:00 pm)
  • MythBusters: Mini Myth Mayhem (Discovery, 7:00 pm)
  • Top Gear: Season 10 Ep. 8 (BBC America, 8:00 pm)
  • MythBusters: Boomerang Bullet (Discovery, 8:00 pm) NEW
  • Motor City Motors: The Asphalter (Discovery, 9:00 pm) NEW
  • How Do They Do It: armored cars, elevators, cheese (Science, 9:00 pm)
  • How Do They Do It?: Rock Blasting, Mapping, Flowers (Science, 9:30 pm)
  • Disaster House: Rough Housing (DIY, 10:30 pm)

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