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Alexandria General Supply currently has the Weller RCT Rope Cutting Tip for just $3.47.

The RCT is a loop of wire that attaches to the ubiquitous Weller 8200 soldering gun and has an iron “blade” for hot cutting plastic ropes. The hot cut seals the end, preventing fraying. It’s hard to tell the capacity but the tip width is listed as about 1-3/8″. I’ve always just used a standard tip hammered flat, but this seems to offer greater capacity. It’s also available on Amazon [What’s This?] and from Weller Direct for slightly more, but shipping as always may be an issue…so shop around.

Weller RCT [alexgs.com]


4 Responses to Dealmonger: Weller RCT Rope Cutting Tip

  1. fred says:

    This looks like a nice tool for a dedicated use – or if you need to cut lots of lengths.

    I taught lots of boy scouts how to whip rope (I taught so called English style) which is useful on natural-fiber rope. For synthetics we’d cut it with a knife and then melt the end by holding it near a flame (candle, match, stove etc.).
    In commercial applications (e.g. Home Depot – they use thermal cutters)
    In my business – with poly rope – we cut with a shears and melt the end with a plumber’s torch.

  2. PutnamEco says:

    fred says:
    For synthetics we’d cut it with a knife and then melt the end by holding it near a flame (candle, match, stove etc.).
    Ah, the infamous butane backsplice.

  3. fred says:


    Hey – learned something new.
    I guess that boaters would steer clear of this technique – but considering the utility type use we put yellow poly rope to (roping off areas – no weight bearing) it works OK – as long as you don’t get over zealous and set the rope afire – spewing gobs of melted plastic.

  4. Mike says:

    Imagine the odds, I ordered one of these yesterday before I saw the post. As mentioned, shipping is a killer on small inexpensive items. Most of the vendors aren’t set up to sell such small items and you’ll end up paying 3-4 times the cost of the item in shipping ($14 from alexgs.com to my address for example). I got mine from action-electronics.com for $4 and $4.25 shipping. They’re willing to ship small stuff first class mail which saves a ton.

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