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I’m inclined to say that this ruler knife is not going to be the most handy multi-tool you’ve ever had your hands on. Then again, I’ve been wrong many times before on the functional nature of odd-looking multis, but the ruler/knife combo is a new one for me.

It’s not really that it looks all that bad, but for the whopping $30 they want for this thing you could have a super wicked pocket tape that measures more than 6” and a decent lockback or stockman as well. Sure, the form factor is a little larger that way, but you do get better versions of both and the ability to measure something longer than your cell phone, so consolidating doesn’t really make sense here.

I’d love for someone to tell me if I’m in left field here and whether or not this is an idea that was best left on a cocktail napkin.

Combination Knife and Precision Rule [Garrett Wade]


5 Responses to Combination Knife And Precision Rule

  1. Adam Sampson says:

    It’s not a new idea, just an elaboration of an existing one — my Leatherman Micra has a ruler on its side, which comes in very handy. This one’s longer and has a nicer scale.

  2. Dave P says:

    It goes back even further than the leatherman. My granddad used to carry a knife like this when he was a young man. Of course I doubt he spent anywhere close to 30 bucks. But I think it’s pretty classy!

  3. Pete D says:

    I filed inch marks into the back of my pocket knife when I was a kid (I still have that knife too!) – should’ve followed through with the idea…

  4. andy says:

    A 6″ rule is far handier than one might expect, putting one on a pocketknife both adds a little practicality and panache to an otherwise run of the mill penknife.

  5. B.Smith says:

    I only want to know: What is the Country of Origin for this “Designed by and made for Garrett Wade” Rule Knife? If it is not made in USA, and made in China; well-you can extrapolate my perspective on this knife AND Garrett Wade.

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