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The American Machinist Shop Note Book is a collection of articles selected from the pages of American Machinist magazine by its associate editor E.A. Suverkrop and published in 1919. The book is yet another (although in a sense one of the first) collection of a variety of shop tips, tricks, jigs and fixtures, work methods, etc. Chapters include Drafting and Design, Patterns and Foundry, Forging and Tempering, Drilling, Lathe work, Milling, Planer and Shaper work, Tool Making (in the machinist sense), Dies, Gages, Grinding, Boring, Gearing, Screw Machine, and “Shop Tools, Appliances and Expedients.”

Many of the ideas are profoundly dated, yet others are timeless, such as a drill jig for “Y” connections, an arc forming attachment for the lathe, using a lathe for broaching, a chuck for “nipples and studs” (insert joke here), bulging shells on a press brake, many boring bars, bushing a loose pulley, drilling thin stock, etc. Often these ideas are repeated in many such books over time.

The book is also interesting historically, as it includes methods for boring torpedo tubes and other bygone tasks of American industry.

It is available as a rather expensive reprint, a mid priced reprint [What’s This?], , as well as being free on Google Books and the Internet Archive. It’s certainly worth perusing on your computer for free!

Via Google Books
Via the Internet Archive


2 Responses to A Good Read: The American Machinist Shop Note Book

  1. Chris says:

    This looks like a great book to try out the Espresso Book Machine. I live in Boston and the Harvard Bookstore has been advertising that their new machine will print anything on Google Books for $5. Could put Lindsay’s out of business?

  2. Bruce says:

    Henry Ford used a design of Kayne Pennington’s engine in his first car he cobbled together with the help of his friends after work while he was working for Thomas Edison. (NOT the model T) He found it in the Jan 9, 1896 edition of The American Machinist. you NEVER know what you may find in this collection!!

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