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I recently saw a Hardware Aisle post about The Pulverizer™ from Ames True Temper/Jackson Tools. It’s a new fully-forged, heat-treated, multi-purpose concrete and demolition tool. The 12.8″ long Pulverizer™ weighs 3.5 pounds, has a heavy-duty 1-1/2″ faced sledge head, claw teeth, a 2″ scraper with nail puller, a triangular-shaped area below the head for ripping through drywall, and a shock-dampening, textured, TPE grip.

It will be available this spring at leading retailers (Ace Hardware, True Value, Orchard Supply, Amazon…) nationwide. Its “possible” retail price is $39.99, but you can get one online now for $40.24.

What do you demolition and concrete experts out there think? Would this be a tool to add to your belt?

The Pulverizer™ [Manufacturer’s Site]

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10 Responses to Hot Or Not? The Pulverizer

  1. mr. man says:

    rock meet hammer..
    I noticed they market a fabulous, innovative, snow shovel also.

  2. der5er says:

    @tedknaz Looks like it to me. Though lighter and without the FUBAR’s 2×4-gripping jaws.

  3. fred says:

    The Stanley Fubar comes in small, medium and extra large sizes.
    We actually like that tool – not so much for demolition but for twisting errant framing into place. Along with a Cepco BoWrench and QuikJack, a Mayhew Tweaker and a Vaughn Bowjack we tackle most deck-framing projects.
    But as der5er points out, this Ames tool doen’t have the gripping jaws that we find useful

  4. Bob says:

    I’m pretty sure this shows up in Halo as a weapon. 🙂

  5. Davo says:

    Without a bottle opener, and a laser-sight, it’s useless to me…

  6. browndog77 says:

    Was in Sears the other day and saw the Stanley FatMax FuBar. I picked it up, and it was a real chore to put it down again. I was Christmas shopping and tried real hard to come up with a reason my wife needed one! Oh well.

  7. Coach James says:

    The TOH article says this thing is useful for busting up concrete. Has anyone actually tried it for that? I can’t see this tool doing very well busting up concrete.

  8. Coach James says:

    Especially if the concrete contains coarse aggregate.

  9. fred says:

    While some “carpenters” might abuse their claw hammers by breaking off the odd piece of concrete spatter or squeeze out – I would not call a claw hammer or this tool a concrete demolition tool. If you want a hand tool – buy a sledge hammer or stick to a small rotohammer or Kango breaker for the light work – a pneumatic jackhammer for the heavier work – or a hydraullic breaker on your skid steer or backhoe for the major jobs

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